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Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Traditional Mexican Game Chant
Katherine Dines

Pajarito Cantas Tu; Cantas Tu; Cantas Tu
Pajarito Cantas Tu; Cantas Para Mi

Little bird sing to us; sing to us; sing to us
Little bird sing to us; sing with me

1. Pajarito Vuelas Tu
2. Pajarito Comes Tu
3. Pajarito Besas Tu
4. Pajarito Saltas Tu
5. Pajarito Duermes Tu
6. Pajarito Dispierta Tu
7. Pajarito Cantas Tu

1. Fly
2. Eat
3. Kiss
4. Hop
5. Sleep
6. Wake up
7. Sing

© Katherine Dines. All rights reserved. Used with permission.






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