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The Lord Said Unto Samuel
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Bible Story Songs

The Lord said unto Samu’l, fill your horn and go!
I’m sending you to Jesse’s house, and so you know
He eight sons has in Bethlehem,
My chosen king is one of them.
Anoint for me the one I show to you.

2. Jesse brought to Samuel his first born son;
Surely God’s anointed is the tallest one!
Oh, don’t be choosing outwardly;
It’s not a matter of looks, you see.
You love appearance, God looks on the heart.

3. One, no, two, no, three, no, four, no!
These are not the one! Five, no, six, no, seven, no!
Is there another son?
The eighth is small, a shepherd, he.
Go bring that youngest son to me.
The Lord said, anoint him —David is the one!

(Can be sung to: When Johnny Comes Marching Home)

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