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Oh, Lord! Care for My Brother
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I'm hiding here among tall reeds,
I'm watching o'er my brother.
Safe in an ark of pitch and reed
Prepared by my dear mother.

I want to see what happens now;
He's precious to my family,
I'll do my best, I'm standing guard;
I'm watching him so caref'lly.

Oh round and round
And up and down
The ark floats on the river.
When Pharaoh's daughter comes today,
We hope she'll him deliver!

Part Two
Oh Lord, care for my brother!
He is beloved to us!
Keep Pharaoh's army away Lord,
Hide him in the bulrush.
You gave this babe to our fam'ly,
Hear now our prayer and our plea!

(Tune: Good-Bye, My Little Lady)

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