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Two of a Kind

"We wrote this song for an exhibit about venomous animals called 'Striking Beauties' at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD."

Venom! Venom!
It's gonna get you if you don't watch out!
Venom! Venom!
And if it gets you, then you'll scream and shout! [Aaahhh!]

A stone fish looks like a slimy stone.
It floats very still and all alone.
The only clues are two red eyes
watching for prey to swim on by.
If you mistake that fish for a rock,
your heart will stop like a broken clock.
Venomous spines hidden in their skin
will make you wish you'd never stepped in -


Mice and other rodents make
a very good dinner for a rattlesnake.
Paralyzing prey is venom's role.
Then the snake will swallow the rodent whole.
If you taunt snakes, they will bite,
but leave them alone and you'll be all right.
Venom helps animals stay alive.
We all need to find a way to survive-


If you see some bullet ants
don't let them get inside your pants.
They're really big and awfully mean
and their stingers cannot be seen.
A black widow spider is very shy.
She'll hide in a can, munching on a fly.
If you bug her, she'll attack
and sting you with her venomous sac.


Venomous creatures big and small
have the right to live just like us all.
Spiders eat bugs and snakes eat mice,
maintaining the delicate balance of life.




© Two of a Kind. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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