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Sunrise in the Jungle
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Jack Grunksy

Deep in the jungle
At the break of dawn
Life is stirring
Hear the jungle yawn
Another sunrise
Lighting up the skies
All creatures shaking
The slumber from their eyes

Sunrise in the jungle, shimmer through the trees
Sunrise in the jungle, feel the morning breeze
Sunrise in the jungle, warming up the air
Sunrise in the jungle, life is everywhere

The peacock, the panther, the crocodile
The spiders, the bugs so versatile
The cheetah, the boar, the funny baboon
The elephant down by the old lagoon

The sloth, the tapir, the manatee
The tiger, gorilla, the chimpanzee
The lizard, the snake, the toad and frog
The turtle, iguana, who sit near the bog

The catfish, the dogfish, the butterfly
The puff bird and heron soaring up high
The zebra, gazelle, the wildebeest
All looking to find their favourite feast [break down]

The toucan, the parrot, the pretty macaw
The leopard, the lion licking his paw
The jaguar, the monkeys way up in the trees
Hyena, impala, the okapi
The hippo, the rhino, the antelope
Wandering down the jungle slope
Flamingo, the ostrich, the pelican
The jaguar, the warthog, orangutan

© Jack Grunsky. All rights reserved. Used with permission




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