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I'm Proud To Be A Beaver
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
The Banana Slug String Band

Chew, chew, chew, chew
That's what beavers do, we chew
Slap you tail, shout out loud
I'm proud to be a beaver

No time to play there's work to do
Dams to build, logs to chew
Aspen wood tastes good you know
Tree comin' down, look out below!

Rodents come in different sizes
We are bid look at the incisors
Our teeth keep growing unless we're doing
What we do best, that is chewing

Under the ice we dive down low
Our lodge is entered from below
It's warm and safe and dry in there
Because we're skillful engineers

Slap your tail, sound the alarm
Webbed feet swim away from harm
River otter loves to eat
Beaver snack, beaver treat

Waterproof fur and diving gear
Plugs for the nose and plugs for the ears
We wear diving goggles too
You see we're built to swim and chew

Beaver ponds help flood control
In times of drought they're a water hole
So remember your beaver pals
We build lodges, dams and canals

© Banana Slug Sting Band. All rights reserved. Used with permission.














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