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Don't Let the Dog Dig
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Ira Marlowe/Brainy Tunes


Potus dug a hole in the back yard
Potus did exactly what he's not supposed to do
Potus dug a hole, no he had no self-control
Now he's in trouble, and I'm in trouble, too
See, my daddy said...

Don't let the dog dig!
Don't let the dog dig!
Don't let the dog dig!
No, you don't let a good dog dig

Potus was a present for my birthday
He was only eight weeks old the day that I turned five
Dad said promise just one thing
It shouldn't be too hard
Please don’t let that puppy wreck our yard
My daddy said...


Now dirt is flying all around
My dog is somewhere underground
My daddy's green and perfect lawn
is mostly hole and mostly gone
Mom comes to the windowsill
looking mad but mostly ill
She turns a yellow shade of red
and says just what my daddy said...


Dad will be home any minute
Deep deep trouble we're both in it
Before the problem can get worse
I throw Potus in reverse
I place him on that pile of dirt
His tiny paws are fast at work
throwing dirt, the hole fills up
I tell mom, "Don't stop that pup!"

Please! Let the dog dig
Please! Let the dog dig
He's digging backwards don't you see
The hole is filling rapidly...

Potus dug a hole in our backyard
Potus filled it up just before my dad got home
The ground was flat but there was no grass
(Digging backwards didn't help that)
I was hoping Daddy wouldn't notice
It's a lucky thing that he loves Potus
(and me...)


© Ira Marlowe. All rights reserved. Used with permission.




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