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Don't Forget To Sing
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip

Don't - Put the thumb of your right hand under your jaw and pull it forward out in front of    your chin.
Forget - Wipe your brow with your right hand.
To sing - Hold out your left arm, and with your right hand wave along the line of your left    forearm, like you're conducting an orchestra.
No matter what is happening - Hold both hands in front of you, palms up. Move hands    alternately up and down, brushing fingertips as your hands pass one another.

Don't forget to sing! Don't forget to sing!
No matter what is happening,
don't forget to sing!

Some baby birds were squawking in the nest,
Their Mamma said, "Soon you'll learn to fly.
You'll move your wings like birds have done for thousands of years,
And then you'll take off for the sky."

A baby whale was swimming with his Dad,
Diving in the ocean blue and wide.
"The waters are so deep and full of mystery,
If you call to me I'll be by your side."

Whether we have feathers or fur,
Shells or scales or skin,
Each of us has our own sound,
What a wonderful din!

Whether we have arms or legs,
Paws or fins or wings,
Each of us, big or small,
In our own way sings.

When I was still a little child
I heard so many things both false and true.
Of all the things I heard,
I tell you this was the best -
My Mom and Daddy's words,
I'll pass them on to you.


Many thanks to Gemini for permission to display these lyrics.
© Laszlo Slomovits ASCAP . All rights reserved. Used with permission.











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