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We're All Looking for a Dinosaur
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Michael Mitchell

Michael Mitchell wrote this song for a segment of the children's TV program "Sesame Street." It was inspired by the dinosaur bones that are constantly being found in and around Drumheller, Alberta.

We're all looking for a dinosaur
Something we've never, ever
Seen before I wonder if they’re hidin

Here among the trees
If they’re really brave
Or if they’re afraid of me

Well if we find one
What'll we do
I guess we'll shake its hand and say
"How do you do!"

They’re pretty hard to find
Does anybody know
Just which way
Did the dinosaurs go?

I don’t know what they wear
Hey, wouldn’t it be neat
To see a giant dinosaur
With sneakers on its feet

We'll have to be careful
We’ll have to look around
If one comes up behind us
It could squash us in the ground

I hate to have to tell you
But I guess that you should know
The last of these guys disappeared
A long, long time ago

Dinosaurs are great
But if you want to see 'em
You'll have to go down
To a dinosaur museum

© Michael Mitchell. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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